Metav Calibration



Bakırköy/ Istanbul


Weight Calibration

Calibration process of referance weights at our lab in accordance with OIML-R-111-1.

Balance Calibration

On-site calibration process of balances up to 3 tonnes in accordance with Cg 18-V.03.

Temperature Calibration

Calibration process of temperature measuring equipment on the basis of the ITS-90 temperature işlemi.

Humidity Calibration

Calibration of hygrometers, humidity chambers and dataloggers.

Pressure Calibration

Calibration process of pressure measuring devices, vacummeters, manometers and manometer calibrators in accordance with EURAMET cg-17.

Dimensional Calibration

Calibration of callipers, micrometers, surface gauges, dial indicators, steel rules, tape measures, test indicators, sieves, spirit levels, feeler gauges, gauge blocks, set squares, shoremeters and goniometers.

Volume Calibration

Calibration of graduated cylinders, flasks, micropipettes, burettes, dispenser and graduated dispensers.

Torque Calibration

Tork wrenches and equipment.

Electrical Calibration

AC/DC Digital/analog multimeters, clamp-on ammeters, power-, voltmeters and capacitance equipment.

Calibration Training Courses

Every training course involves a theoretical and a practical (with the instruments at our laboratories) part.

Equipment Sales


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